The Tasting Room: an awesome Tel Aviv wine bar with a unique new concept!

If you’re looking for an awesome little wine bar in Tel Aviv, add The Tasting Room in the new Sarona complex to your must-try list.

Tasting Room Sarona

In what we reckon is the perfect location, The Tasting Room is a cozy little wine bar with a unique and very cool concept (the first of its kind in Israel): from among 40-odd international and Israeli wines you can pour yourself a sample,a half-glass, or full-glass using a unique credit-card type of card. At the end of the evening you pay for all the drinks your card recorded (you’re going to be tempted to try a few, believe us!). A sample will typically cost you around 8-10 shekels, and if you fall in love with one of the wines you try, you can even buy the bottle. Those bottles could also make a cool gift for a wine aficionado.

The international wines are always worth a safe bet, but we reckon while you’re in Israel, those Israeli wines are definitely worth a shot. Even The Tasting Room owner Avshalom has his own boutique wine here (grown in the northern hills of Israel).

The interior is very classy, the atmosphere cozy, and the clientele trendy. The food is also pretty decent, with some great little bites to accompany the wine, including handmade, and very tasty, breads and cheeses from around the world.

Also watch out for legendary bartender Eddie Newman, who creates some pretty cool cocktails!

tasting room Sarona

The Tasting Room looks like it’s on to a winner, and in our opinion is also perfect for the new Sarona complex. There’s also a private tasting room for private shindigs, as well as the balcony outside, which can take up to 60 people and has a great view of the Azrieli Towers (see the photo below). Expect a great night out!

Highly recommended!

Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday 11:00 until last customer
Friday – 10:00 to last customer
Saturdayย 19:00 till last customer


Kaplan 36, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03.5333213


Tasting room sarona

Photos courtesy Ran Biran and @moweezle

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