Tel Aviv gets even more tourist friendly – FREE WiFi and NICE taxi drivers!

Tel Aviv beachTel Aviv has certainly become a bit of a tourist magnet over the last few years, and with beautiful beaches, amazing culture and art, some awesome nightlife, and even a very happening gay scene, it’s not hard to see why.

But things are about to get even better this summer, as the Tel Aviv Municipality are launching TWO new schemes to ensure tourists get even more out of Tel Aviv: first up, expect smiling and courteous taxi drivers, and secondly, grab yourself some free wi-fi!

Yes indeed!

The 3000 taxi drivers in Tel Aviv (I could have sworn there were at least 100,000!) are undergoing a unique course aimed at improving Tel Aviv’s image. Because let’s face it, upon arriving in The City That Never Sleeps, hailing a grumpy pig of a taxi driver isn’t going to give you that warm, glowing feeling…so yes, watch out for the cabs with the special Smile Taxi Tel Aviv sticker this summer – they’re the nice guys!

In addition, there will be free wi-fi reception available in 80 different locations city-wide during a gradual roll-out across the city this summer. Plenty of Internet juice to ensure you can connect for free during your stay in Tel Aviv.

Enjoy your visit to Tel Aviv!



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