Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2012: one for you fashionistas to mark in your diaries!

Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2012The now annual Tel Aviv Fashion Week returns to wow the fashionistas of you out there – the dates to mark in your diaries are November 11-13!

UPDATE: The Fashion Week has now been split into TWO events: the one listed here features younger Israeli designers you might not have come across; the second event, scheduled for November 26-28, will feature more established Israeli designers (read more here).

Tel Aviv Fashion Week was revived only last year and a much lauded comeback included a guest appearance from fashion icon Roberto Cavalli; bear in mind this was the first Tel Aviv fashion week in over 25 years!

Once again, the event will take place at HaTachana and is again expected to host a stunning array of local designers. I would put my last dollar on also seeing a number of Israeli celebs and wannabes there too.

Full details are yet to be released, but if you want a taster from last year, read this excellent review of Tel Aviv Fashion Week from our Israeli fashion guru friends over at Dreed*Tea. Or just check out the clip below.

You can try checking out the Facebook page for more Fashion Week details (news of tickets and a full lineup are coming soon) – but they also have another page which makes things a little confusing – sort it guys!

My only question: since when did a 3 day event become a week? :-)



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