Tel Aviv bar voted the Best Bar in the Middle East & Africa!

We knew there were some cracking bars in Tel Aviv (here are some of our long-standing faves), but earlier this month the legendary Drinks International magazine voted the Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar as the best bar in the Middle East and Africa!

OK, it might not be the typical beer-guzzling joint you were expecting, but The Imperial is the very best place to go for specialty cocktails, at least according to some 330 nightlife and alcohol experts who voted for it.

Located in the Imperial Hotel on HaYarkon Street, this bar is a must-see just to check out the awesome knowledge of the bartenders, who outperform Tom Cruise (remember him in Cocktail?) by a mile. In fact, don’t mention the movie, or Tom Cruise, if you want to stay in their good books…the Imperial is, after all, the “temple of the lost art of the cocktail”.

The Imperial opened in January 2013 thanks to five experienced bartenders, and includes some 150 cocktails. As one of their founding owners puts it: “The bar is a nod to colonial times – mainly the European colonies of south east Asia. We wanted it to resemble an officers’ club or a European-owned hotel in India or Vietnam.

Go get some!


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