The Coffee Bar, Tel Aviv

Don't be deceived by the name; the Coffee Bar is neither a cafe or a bar, it's actually a very decent Bistro that leaves a good impression on almost everyone wh... Read More...

Zepra, Tel Aviv

If you fancy splashing out on some decent Asian fusion food, as well as on an expensive bottle of plonk, Zepra could be the place for you. Almost two years old ... Read More...

Marie Antoinette

Note: This restaurant is now closed. Marie Antoinette is a nice little restaurant/bar in Ramat HaHayall, Tel Aviv, and yes, the name might just give away the... Read More...

Chill out at Shalvata

Shalvata (which means "tranquility" in Hebrew) in Tel Aviv port is a great place to chill out. Located in quite possibly the finest place in Tel Aviv, just ... Read More...

Breakfast at Benedict

Benedict is a cute little place that serves breakfast all day, 24/7. That's right, only breakfast. It's located on the corner of the legendary Ben Yehuda St... Read More...



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