Our guide to Jerusalem cafes and bars with Wireless Internet

Following on from our guide to the cafes and bars in Tel Aviv that have wireless Internet, it’s the turn of Jerusalem to show us what she’s got. We know that Jerusalem is one heck of a Holy city, but does it have the Internet access to keep a wired up (without the wires) bevy of visitors happy?

Well, yes it does, and here’s our little guide to the cafes and bars in Jerusalem that have wireless Internet, just so you’ll never have to go Internet “cold turkey” while on your visit to Jerusalem. Note that there are some areas of Jerusalem that are completely hooked up (and free to access), most notably in the center of the city around Ben Yehuda street, Nahalat Shiva, and Shlomzion Hamalka (and also including The Knesset, Israel’s parliament buildings, and other buildings belonging to national institutions), and not just to specific cafes and bars.

Those listed below provide FREE Internet, as far as we know. Be aware that most hotels in Jerusalem also have Internet access but most will require payment. And yes, if you know of any little gems to add to this list, please let us know!

Jerusalem cafes with Internet – the coffee shop chains

  • Aroma, one of the most popular coffee shop chains in Israel:
    @ Pierre Koenig 24 (Hadar Mall, Talpiot)
    @ Hebrew University, Har HaTzofim (Goldshmidt building)
    @ Hillel HaZaken 18
    @ Malcha Mall
    @ King George 14
    @ Emek Rafaim (open 24/7)
    @ Yafo 40
    @ Yafo 224
  • Coffee Shop, a chain of Jerusalem only cafes:
    @ Rachel Imenu 2
    @ Aza Street 40
    @ Hillel Street 24
    @ Emek Rafaim
  • Cafe Hillel, another popular chain of coffee shops with branches throughout Israel:
    @ 54 Emek Rafaim
    @ 7 Avi Zohar (Beit HaKerem)
  • Yellow, the one-stop shops you can find at most Paz petrol stations:
    @ Derekh Bet Lechem 11 (German Colony)
    @ Bet HaDfus, Givat Shaul
    @ King David 19 (just north of the King David hotel)
    @ Sderot Weizman (on the exit to Road 1 to Tel Aviv)

Jerusalem cafes, bars (and restaurants) with Internet

  • Adom (Red) @ 31 Yafo Street (restaurant)
  • Belinda @ 9 Diskin Street
  • Ben Cafe @ 2 Ben Yehuda
  • Blazer Cafe @ 5 Shmeul HaNagid
  • Bolinat @ 6 Dorot Rishonim
  • Burger King @ 10 Ben Yehuda
  • Cafe Esti @ Yafo, Capital Studio Building 206
  • Cafe Faza @ HaPalmach
  • Cafe Nona @ 30 Aza Street
  • Cafe Net @ 232 Yafo (New Central Bus Station)
  • Cafe Paradiso @ 36 Keren HaYesod
  • Caffit @ 35 Emek Rafaim
  • Castel @ 32 Lechi (in the Regency Jerusalem hotel)
  • Conus Ice-cream bar @ 24 Agripas Street
  • Diaz @ 1 Shlomtzion HaMelka (restaurant)
  • Elvis American Diner @ Neveh Ilan petrol station (restaurant)
  • HaMishpacha (The Family) @ 12 Salomon Street (restaurant)
  • Joy @ 24 Emek Rafaim (restaurant)
  • La Cuisine @ 20 Aza Street (restaurant)
  • Masaryk @ corner of Emek Refaim and Rehov Masaryk in the German Colony
  • McDonalds @ 208 Yafo Street, @ 4 Shamay Street, and @ 44 Emek Rafaim
  • Olive @ 36 Emek Rafaim (restaurant)
  • Olive and Fish @ 2 Jabotinsky Street
  • Parpar (Butterfly) @ Dania Square (restaurant)
  • Pina BeShamai @ 8 Shamai Street (restaurant)
  • Polly @ 1 Yehuda Street (restaurant)
  • Rastobar @ 1 Ben Maymon (restaurant)
  • Resto Cafe @ 20 Marcus Street (Jerusalem Theater)
  • Rimon @ Ben Yehuda promenade
  • Shwarma Moshiko @ 10 Ben Yehuda (restaurant)
  • Spagettim @ 35 Hillel Street (restaurant)
  • Tal Bagels @ 46 Emek Rafaim
  • Tmol Shilshom @ 5 Salomon Street
  • Village Green @ 33 Yafo Street (restaurant)

UPDATE: The list has been updated thanks to some great feedback from Jerusalemites HarryR and Rebecca.



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