Skydiving in Eilat: surely the craziest, adrenaline-pumping thing to do in Eilat (if not Israel)?!?

skydive in israelWhen the boys from Skydive in Eilat got in touch with me, my first thought was ” Nooo way!”.

But after reading the terms and conditions, and realizing I was still recovering from a broken leg (you’re not supposed to jump with any broken bones), I looked over at the lovely Mrs iGoogled, and said “Honey…”

A couple of weeks later, there she was, jumping out of an airplane high above Eilat, overlooking 4 countries (Israel, Egypt, Jordan and…who can guess the fourth?), and screaming her ass off!

Seriously, if you’re looking for something just that little bit extra, that something that will leave you gasping, that something you’ll never ever forget, a skydive in Eilat is definitely one to add to that list of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Just ask Mrs iGoogled!

The guys at Skydive Eilat were great, mixing that “what’s the worst that’ll happen” kind of humor with a professionalism and safety checks that show they know what they’re doing. Owner Roy, who took the missus with him, is one of Israel’s leading skydiving gurus, with some 15,000 jumps behind him, so yes, these guys aren’t fresh out of skydive school!

But why would I want to skydive in Eilat?

Well, that view over Eilat bay is simply stunning, and this dive is apparently the only one in the world where you get to see 4 countries from above…

And why wouldn’t you want to skydive in Eilat, when you get to experience this…take it away Mrs iGoogled>>>

For more details about Skydive Eilat, see their website. They also do romantic, scenic flights over Eilat bay, and couple jumps if both of you fancy jumping to your deaths…!



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