Top 10 things NOT to do in Israel!

OK, so we know there are some amazing things to check out in Israel, including these recommended things to see and do in Israel, but how about the things NOT TO DO when visiting the Holy Land? Because, really, there are things you should definitely avoid doing in Israel if you want to enjoy your visit – and stay in one piece!

With no further ado, and in no particular order…

This is Israel; you are NOT MacGyver!DO NOT make silly jokes about having a concealed weapon or bomb, or attempt to go MacGyver on the Israeli security and immigration personnel upon arrival in Israel. They might have a ton of questions to ask, but they will have your ass if you get stupid.

DO NOT concentrate solely on felafel and hummus as your Israeli food staples. There are so many good options these days, including cheap and cheerful delights such as shakshuka, shwarma, and jachnun, plus plenty of desserts, like knaifeh, that will leave you begging for more…and if those don’t do it for you, there are some amazingly good restaurants in Tel Aviv and other major cities.

DO NOT shave or wax your nether regions on the same day you head to the Dead Sea. Floating in the Dead Sea is an absolute must, but there’s a lot of salt in the Dead Sea, and it WILL burn burn burn those open pores!

DO NOT accept the first price you’re offered in the markets and bazaars. Especially in the tourist trap market lanes of the Old City of Jerusalem, where a 50 shekel opening offer has been known to be haggled (hard!) down to 5 shekels…we’ve done it, so can you!

Mines in IsraelDO NOT go off the beaten track in rural areas, especially in the Golan Heights and in the Dead Sea. There are many minefields remaining from previous wars that are still not cleared (but that are usually marked), and that STILL cause serious injury every year to tourists, locals, and livestock…

DO NOT feel bad about not squeezing more into a visit to Israel. There really is a ton of awesome things to see and do in Israel, and fitting them all in is an impossible task. We’ve been here years and still have sites to visit on our to-do list!

DO NOT try to stand in line at the pizza joint or felafel stand on the evening Yom Kippur or Passover breaks…you’re likely to get crushed in the rush! Only a fool – or a dumb uneducated tourist – would put themselves in between food and a rampaging bull hungry Israeli…

DO NOT dress immodestly at holy sites. That means hiding away the boobs and skimpy shorts. Shoulders and knees should be covered otherwise you’re likely to offend and may even get barred from entering a site…

DO NOT practice your newly learned Hebrew profanities on the locals. Unless you really know them well. And especially don’t take the opportunity to practice your new Arabic curses (the ultimate way to curse in Israel) on Arabic work colleagues or passers-by. The odds on them getting really pissed are extremely high.

jellyfish in IsraelDO NOT go late night skinny-dipping in the sea. Especially in the summer months. And especially when jellyfish season is in full-flow. The thought of those floating plastic bag-like creatures near our dangly bits is giving us the willies…

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