We’ve compiled a collection of many of the amazing attractions in Israel, from the very inspiring Old City of Jerusalem and gorgeous beaches of Tel Aviv, to the lesser known festivals, exhibitions and events that you might be able to squeeze into your visit.

Must See Attractions

Highly Recommended

These are the sites you really have to see, the sites your friends will be asking all about when you get back home. Don’t forget to show off those pictures!

These are the sites we highly recommend, the sites you really should try and fit into your visit. They will definitely make your visit that bit more special!

Time Permitting

Family Attractions

These are the sites and events that we hope you can also check out. They might not suit your schedule, but there are some real diamonds to catch!

These are the sites that are more suitable for families. Israel is generally very kid-friendly, and these are the best attractions to check out with your tribe!

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