Radio EPGB: quite possibly the coolest bar in Tel Aviv

Radio EPGB Tel AvivRadio EPGB – the underground bar with the mysterious acronym that defies all attempts at explanation – is quite possibly THE place to be in Tel Aviv.

The place to be seen in, especially if you’re an artist (or would like to be), in fashion (or would like to be), single (or would like to be), or male, female, in between, over 21… get the picture?

Radio EPGB  would, in fact, be very much at home in a city like New York or London. And as Tel Aviv evolves into one of the coolest cities on the planet (Lonely Planet recently voted Tel Aviv as 3rd best city in the world) it’s no surprise a bar like Radio EPGB is packed to the rafters most nights.

Drawing crowds ever since it opened its doors in the heart of the city, a basement just off of Rothschild Street, the Radio has become a magnet for the ‘in’ crowd, both for its very special atmosphere and unique decor, but most of all for its music. And what is perhaps the striking thing about Radio EPGB is that it just doesn’t fit into any one category – as the atmosphere, the crowd and the music change from day to day and even hourly.

The Radio always presents the latest in music trends, live bands and DJs, and has become a haven for country, electro, new age, funk, punk, underground and indie electronic fans. Everyone who is ‘someone’ in arts or fashion is seen in the Radio (named that way for its open communication channels with the city and its people).

The inspiration for the graffiti on the bathroom walls was taken from the C.B.G.Bs in New York City. Together with the trendy furnishings at the bar and soft lighting, they merge into a trendy melee that creates an atmosphere that is unique and, despite the sometime crowded dance floor, still easy-going and homely. Depending on guests and mood, the atmosphere can be anything from an intimate party, to a rave night, to a pub.

As of today, this ultra-hip underground club has nearly 4000 followers on Facebook, so if you want to get in on some cool, go “Like”. They’re also on Twitter.

Bookings in advance are possible, and, especially for parties, recommended. But walk-in guests are also welcome. There is service at the tables, so you can enjoy the creative drinks, which are the specialty of the club, in comfort.

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Address: 7 Shadal St. Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03 5603636
Opening hours: every day of the week from 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM.
Age limit: 21+
Smoking allowed

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