Moonshine, Tel Aviv: a cool little bar we probably shouldn’t be telling you about…

Moonshine Tel Aviv

Not sure we should actually be writing this since this bar is just a bit too cool to share, but hey, we’re here for the people.

Tucked away in the corner of a buzzy Tel Aviv restaurant, through a big black steel door, down a short set of stairs, dimly lit and oozing with chic, sits a true ‘speakeasy’ style retro cocktail bar.

Well, when we say “cocktail” bar don’t assume that there’s the usual drinks menu of alcohol with mixers topped with fruit and an umbrella, no; think along the lines of a more sophisticated connotation of old-skool Moonshine, from where the bar takes its name.

Nothing is surpassed for styling this place, as you might imagine; a huge American flag as artwork on the concrete wall, the use of Jack Daniels bottles to create a ‘feature wall’, exposed industrial elements in the ceiling, tables topped with wax dripped bottles and flickering candles, complemented by mellow jazzy jives of swing band blues from the speakers. Visitors are bound to feel cool just by being here and the service is what makes everyone then feel extra special.

Anat the Bar Manager, most likely fell from heaven especially to accompany drinkers through the drinks selections. With charm, wit and warmth she’ll explain the menu and concept behind the owner’s vision for the bar. Listening to your preferences, Anat helps you clear up any confusion and select from drinks named with an understandably American twist – Uncle Sam was my fave – Midouri, vodka, kiwi, mint and sour mix. Anat insisted we tried her favorite too – the Speedy Gonzalez – one for spicy lovers with ginger muddled through the mix alongside chilies, and topped with a ceremonious slice of ginger – not for the faint-hearted.

Not to be outdone by the actual flavors, don’t miss the spectacular selection of drinks containers. To call them ‘glasses’ wouldn’t quite be doing justice to the elegant assortment ranging from mason jars to golden chalices – from which drinking is truly an experience in itself. Steel straws add that extra element of ‘cool’, literally and figuratively, keeping your beverage icy till the last drop.

We made one mistake when visiting this bar, we ate first. The tempting menu even teased my already satiated taste-buds, with offerings from Buffalo wings to (delicious looking) Mac ‘n Cheese and a sweet suggestion of ‘Smores; if anything is likely to get me back to sit here again it is the fact that I simply MUST try those bar table smores, and just simply BE in this place again as it truly is a pleasure experiencing such a different twist to the Tel Aviv bar scene.

Location: Lillenblum 43, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-5660481

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