Mike’s Place, Tel Aviv

Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv is one of those bars that all the locals know of and everyone you ask will tell you to go and check out, especially if you’re a newbie to Tel Aviv. It has only been around in Tel Aviv since 2001, after originating in Jerusalem back in the 90s, but has proven to be a big favorite, pretty much from day one.

A surprising number of locals love Mike’s Place, as well as the many tourists who come and stop by. I know a couple of regulars there myself, who come for the great atmosphere and live blues every night. There’s also a great selection of beers, live sports on big screen TVs, and a hotly-contested over pool table (with regular contests kicking off at 9pm), while its location on Tel Aviv promenade doesn’t do it any harm either (there is also a new branch of Mike’s Place that has recently opened in Ramat HaHayal, a northern Tel Aviv neighborhood)…

Foodwise, Mike’s Place isn’t the spot for some cordon-bleu. But you will get some great pub food, the most highly recommended of which has to be the home-made pizza. The menu is largely internationally flavored, with a great bacon and eggs for those of you missing the really good stuff

International holidays like Halloween and Christmas are celebrated big-time, though most weekends the place is celebrating just about anything (check out the website for a full list of upcoming events)…but do get yourself there before 11pm on the weekend if you want to grab a seat.

Mike’s Place has also been the subject of a film, Blues by the Beach, which touches on the suicide bombing at Mike’s Place, Tel Aviv in 2003.

Here’s a little taster of what you can expect on a typical night at a Mike’s Place bar…

Highly recommended if you like beer, music and good times!

Address: 86 Herbert Samuel (Tel Aviv promenade) / 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ramat HaHayal
Telephone: 054-9268892 / 054-2084191

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