Love street art? Check out the Tel Aviv Graffiti and Street Art exhibition!

If street art and graffiti float your boat, head to the amazing Street Art Exhibition at the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv!

This magnificent collection of some of Tel Aviv’s finest street artists opened in June and will be on display for the next year, until June 2014.

There are ONE THOUSAND meters of painted walls to browse in what is probably the biggest collection of street art ever seen in Israel.

Some of the artists on display include: Imaginary Duck, Pil Peled, Maya Gelfman, Monster, Yotam Shifroni and Gil Naamati (YOGIL), Shell Uno, Adi Sened, Utro, and MAD.

To get to the exhibition, head to the 7th floor of the Central Bus Station, ideally from Gate 13 on Levinski Street.

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