Knaipeh: an amazing meat restaurant at the northern tip of Israel (yes, yes, to Metulla you must go!)!

Knaipeh Metulla

We wrote about the previous incarnation of Knaipeh here, when it was located a little further south. Now it has returned, and can be found in the northern border town of Metulla!

Thankfully, the same format and style has remained: you can enjoy the same homey and cosy atmosphere (the building that housed the previous version of Knaipeh was upped and moved to Metulla, so those of you who were familiar with the old place will likely have fond memories kindled anew when you walk through the door), while the same rustic styling awaits, along with one of the best hosts we’ve ever come across in Israel. Yes, Avram, the owner who built and runs the restaurant, is a true charmer!

This is a place that meat eaters will love and lust after, all you need to do is come hungry! And thirsty, of course, because Avram will likely have the wine flowing (and if you’re lucky, he’ll sit with you, entertain you with stories of Metulla, and maybe even take you to his late brother’s pub down the road, a great little place to end your night)…

As ever, the side salads are superbly fresh and crunchy, and the home-made hummus as good as you’ll find anywhere in Israel, seriously. The mashed potatoes are also delish, and then there’s the meat…well, we did say come hungry!

So yes, Knaipeh is back and back big-time! If you’re on the hunt for some great food, and truly one of the best meat restaurants in Israel this really should be your destination if you’re up in the north of Israel.

The restaurant is open every day of the week, but you should call ahead to reserve a spot (the restaurant works by reservation only), call 054-2185530. No credit cards accepted.

Highly recommended!



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