Kerem HaTeimanim (The Yemen Vineyard): one of Tel Aviv’s hidden treasures!

kerem hatemanimKerem HaTeimanim is one of Tel Aviv’s last authentic treasures, a hidden corner of the city that remains rich with nostalgia and authenticity.

This charming old neighborhood was built in the late 19th century by Yemenite immigrants (it was settled in 1904 by Yemenites who immigrated to Israel in 1881), and it was the first area of Tel Aviv to be built outside what was then the thriving port city of Jaffa. This Yemenite Quarter, as it was later called, was the beginning of the new city of Tel Aviv.

When you enter Kerem HaTeimanim you will notice a huge difference in atmosphere and overall pace of life. The streets are calm, the buildings remain in their original form and the whole area has managed to escape the wave of modern development that has swept the rest of the city.

It’s hard to believe that this small piece of tranquility is nestled between the hustle and bustle of the Carmel Market and crowded Allenby Street. But it’s here and its gently paved streets and alleyways are littered with surprises. Look at it as a more authentic and run-down version of the nearby Neve Tzedek neighborhood – so definitely bring your camera!

Here are FOUR things we highly recommend you try and catch…

Home cooked, traditional Yemenite cuisine

The tiny streets of the Kerem are more popularly known for their hummus, but don’t miss out on the wider selection of Yemenite food on offer at the local, family run eateries. Try a bowl of traditional Yemenite Soup (marak temani) or the deliciously healthy Hilbeh for an authentic eating experience.

A cozy drinking corner

Bar Norman was established at the turn of the century and boasts a massive range of international (especially Belgian) and local beers. The bartenders are friendly and free tasters are available in mini beer glasses for you to enjoy! A great example of a true neighborhood bar – Tel Aviv style. Bar Norman is located at 8 Hilel Hazaken St, Kerem Hateimanim.

Boutique accommodation (and yummy breakfast!)

Tucked away in the Kerem is one of Tel Aviv’s newest treasures. Eden House, a quaint and beautifully decorated boutique hotel, has yet to be discovered by the mainstream, yet it boasts the best accommodation in the area by far. For those who prefer to avoid the large chain hotels, Eden House is the perfect answer. Each room is individually designed with its own unique touch. Staying true to the authentic feel of the Kerem, the hotel offers an intimate experience with the right touch of class.

The bistro at Eden House remains one of Tel Aviv’s best kept secrets, with a breakfast that reaches standards far beyond the popular breakfast spots in Tel Aviv. The eggs benedict here are without a doubt the best in the country. The French toast is also highly recommended!

Reservations for accommodation or breakfast at Eden House can be made through their website:

Tiny picturesque alleyways

The many tiny alleyways of Kerem HaTeimanim are a pleasure to stroll down. Check out the various houses along the way; certainly not as gentrified as Neve Tzedek down the road, but definitely full of character! And speaking of characters, the locals can often be a delight to bump into on you stroll. Just bear in mind that you are quite literally walking by somebody’s bedroom…


These are just a few of the delights offered by the Kerem, but also in the vicinity are the beach which is a stone’s throw away, easy access to the adjacent Carmel Market, the trendy and recently rejuvenated Shenkin Street shopping area, and the charming Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

If you’re in the area – Kerem HaTeimanim is highly recommended, even if you just take a quick stroll through! However, be aware that due to the fact that it is a predominantly religious/traditional neighborhood, visiting on a Saturday is not advised as most places will be closed.

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