Time for a beer in Tel Aviv. And that means somewhere new and untried. So, we went for Ilka, a small, homey pub in Dizengoff Street, right at the heart of Tel Aviv, but perhaps not right at the heart of the night action…

It’s actually a decent little pub, open in the evenings only, with some good music pumping in the background, friendly staff and the all important beer on tap. I’m not too sure I’d be tempted in by the pretentious pictures they have on their Hebrew website, but hey, we all make mistakes. If I had a photogenic dog and a shaggily-maned redhead for a girlfriend I might well be tempted to make them famous too…

One thing that might disappoint – the food. OK, so pubs (in Tel Aviv at least) are notorious for their pub-like food, which invariably means a choice between greasy chips and toastie sandwiches, but we were brave and went for a pizza. Perhaps we should have gone to a pizza joint for some pizza, that’s all I’m going to say.

Anyway, the beer is good, the music great, the location very central and lots of cool, beautiful Tel Avivians seem to flit in and out. You’ll like it. And if not, just head 5 minutes down the road to Mate.

Address: 148 Dizengoff Street
Telephone: 054-8030706

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