Getting the inside scoop on where to shop in Tel Aviv

Shopping in Tel AvivFor those of you who really love fashion, knowing what is new and exciting on the scene is, well, essential.

Where to find the big name brands isn’t such an issue; the much buzzed about arrival of international names to the Israeli market is big news (including some of the biggies of the last couple of years, Benetton and H&M). And once they’ve landed, it’s not too hard to seek and apply thy credit card…

But where does that leave the home-grown talent? There are many new, and established brands in Israel, producing awesome fashion goods for our ever expanding tastes. So where can you find out about smaller, but no less important, Israeli brands, designers and boutiques?

A great place to find up to date information about Israeli fashion and where to shop in Tel Aviv is  This online fashion magazine focuses on independent, up and coming designers and places that sell their clothing, accessories and jewelry.  Not only will you discover where all the great shops are and which designers they carry at what prices, but you can also peruse designer look-books so you can plan out exactly where you want to go and what specific pieces you are interested in buying.

In addition, Dreed*Tea is full of great articles by industry insiders who share news about the fashion scene, fabulous photo shoots, designer spotlights and much much more. If you want to get a feel for Israeli street fashion, has also collected the most popular blogs for your browsing pleasure. There is even a section on how to style must have pieces that are certainly in your closet already.

If your interests in the Tel Aviv fashion scene go even deeper, you can find out about events, sales and giveaways by signing up for their Dreed*Tea Digest.

It’s always great checking out international brands finally arriving in Israel, but don’t let that divert you from inventive and original Israeli designers.  For the essentials, big brands are great, but if you want to be truly unique you really should check out some of the boutiques that carry local brands.

Shop til you drop baby!

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