Florentin in Tel Aviv: the second hippest neighborhood in the world!


Thrillist, a leading men’s digital lifestyle brand, recently posted the ten most hipster neighborhoods on earth, stating that although the neighborhood of Williamsburg, NY takes the number one spot, the USA certainly does not have the only say on “hip”.

The Tel Aviv neighborhood of Florentin stormed into second place. Noting that “it’s the blend of traditional culture and contemporary style that ultimately drew the hipster crowd there. In a city already known for its Bauhaus-style architecture, inspired street art, and 24-hour nightlife, Florentin’s the go-to spot for artists, musicians, and people who dress like artists and musicians.”

Of course, we at iGoogled were well ahead of our time when we lived there back in the 90s. It hasn’t changed much since, but has definitely caught the eye of those who think they know what’s what…

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