Fitzroy, Tel Aviv: a Chef Restaurant you might want to add to that foodie checklist!

FitzroyTel AvivHaving walked past it maybe a million times, I was excited to try out the tantalizing new menu at Fitzroy, Chef Restaurant on the end of Gordon Street.

The twinkling lights always looked so welcoming and the team were no different.

With a young charismatic chef at the helm, Roy Gantchoula, the nautical themed beachside restaurant has a new French, European carte du jour, incorporating Chef Roy’s cultivated skills and imagination. The menu showcases new cooking techniques fusing Israeli flavors with modern European flare. An emphasis is placed on high quality raw materials, fish and meat, which shines through in the attention to detail on the plate.

To whet the palate: a welcoming white sangria with infused pear… I was intrigued.

A basket of super delicious breads was placed in front of us, and devoured. Then came a perfectly proportioned Lamb Tartar, with an interesting dehydrated egg yolk on the side, along with an incredibly refreshing corvine (Moussa??) fish ceviche served on a thin layer of Greek yogurt with chopped red cabbage and parsley. Leaving us wanting much much more, was the delicate ravioli parcels (could clearly see the attention to detail put in to building each one), filled with light garlic ricotta and a sage butter. All together a befitting and stimulating start to any fine meal.

With the waves gently lapping almost at our feet, I felt that I could just about see where the fish had been caught, it was that fresh! Gorgeous grouper, fluffy flakey and moist all at the same time served with a pumpkin mousse filled cannoli that could have been on any dessert plate too. I could see other diners were tucking in to the 24 hour slow cooked spare ribs, dripping with luscious looking orange sauce, the aromas of which were truly enticing.

Needless to say, we were certainly not left hungry, yet there was still dessert. Oooh the dessert!

I’ve been fortunate to meet a few of the chefs who’ve placed plates in front of me, but I simply had to congratulate Chef Roy on an outstanding display of ingenuity when it comes to the dessert. Never before would I ever have imagined that mushrooms would constitute a dessert, and be delicious. Still dreaming of that slice of Crème Brulee with Porcini mushrooms and milk chocolate mousse, with caramelized popcorn powder, sesame and caramel tuile and a miso ice cream; it really is as interesting as it sounds (see the photo above) and worth going here just to taste this if nothing else.

Hats off and choks ahoy to Chef Roy Gantchoula and the rest of the Fitzroy team, they’ve certainly brought some new captivating ideas to the Tel Aviv restaurant scene.



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