Milk some cows at the Farmer’s Market, Tel Aviv

OK, OK, so there aren’t really any cows at the Farmer’s Market in Tel Aviv, but we can promise you some real, genuine farmers…Israeli farmers with a lot of pride and love for their produce who’ll give you a completely different experience from the other markets in Israel you’re likely to visit, such as Carmel Market.

At the Farmer’s Market you can find some great fresh produce, including fruit and vegetables, herbs, cheeses, breads, cakes, honey, olive oil, and so on, all locally produced of course. There are even varieties of fruit and vegetables that usually go straight to export and are not available on Tel Aviv supermarket shelves…hence some bigtime interest in the market from top chefs and restaurants in Tel Aviv.

And coupled with its great location at Tel Aviv Port, just meters away from the Mediterranean, a trip to the Farmers Market could be the perfect way to spend your Friday morning. You probably won’t want to save your weekly shopping trip for this market, but for the experience, it’s highly recommended. Where else are you going to be able to chat with the people who actually milked the cows that made the cheese you’re purchasing?

For the green among you out there, you’ll be happy to hear that the Tel Aviv Farmers Market is also environmentally friendly – no plastic bags are allowed at the market.

Native New Yorkers might compare it to the Union Square Green Market in Manhattan, but I’m guessing that it doesn’t quite have the same Mediterranean feel about it…what with the Med being just a stone’s throw away n’all.

The Farmer’s Market in Tel Aviv has it’s own website, also in English, bless ’em. Check the website to read about the market and the two Israeli women who started it all, Michal Ansky and Shir Halpern. And if these few lines about their vision don’t get you tempted to come and visit…

Fresh picked fruits. Vegetables still covered with dirt, proudly showing their roots. Strong goat cheeses, Labane, and Feta cheese, different varieties of cherry tomatoes, eggplants and zucchini. Fantastic tahini and halva with pistachios. Aromatic freshly baked sour dough breads, round or long. Artisanal beer, spiced kalamta olives with pickled lemons. Wonderful extra virgin olive oil. A local wine made from a small vineyard and homemade liqueur. Plants of herbs rolled in a newspaper, like in the old times. Fresh farm eggs with golden yolks. And honey, Jams and marmalade…

And their hot tips for what’s currently in season (September): asparagus, artichoke, avocado, broccoli, Chinese peas…

Where and When:
Every Friday at Tel Aviv Port
Opening Hours: 08:00 – sundown



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