Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv: a shopping guide for fashion lovers

This article was written by the ladies over at Dreed*Tea, our favorite experts on the ever-growing fashion scene in Tel Aviv.

What better place to shop than Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv’s first fashion avenue.

Every time we take a stroll down this street, without fail, we always end up in our favorite shops!

Mel Boutique, 138 Dizengoff St

We love Mel Boutique because it carries a lot of stylish items we crave at affordable prices.  The clothes are imported frequently from France and are always on trend.  It’s an especially great stop if you want to find something unusual and dressy for a last minute event without breaking the bank.  For Winter 2012 – there are lots of sparkly items and cozy sweaters, perfect for Silvester and keeping warm! Currently there is 30% off of on jackets, knitted tops, dresses and more.

We also love how the store owner frequently updates her Facebook page modeling her stores latest arrivals!

Go here if:  You are craving new trends and fancy dress for less!  Youthful spirit mandatory!

Hours: Mon-Wed 10:00-20:00, Thurs 10:00-21:30, Fri 09:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-20:00

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Couple of, 207 Dizengoff St

We can never pass up a pit stop at Couple Of  to see what innovative and creative concepts they are busy pumping out.  Their shoes are hand made in Israel and guaranteed to be both comfortable and pretty.

Go here if:  You want quality shoes that you can actually walk in and want an innovative conceptual shoe that’s bound to turn heads.

See their Winter collection for 2012 http://dreedtea.com/couple-ofs-winter-collection-1112.html

Tel: +972.3.5291098

Story, 246 Dizengoff St

Story never disappoints with their curated collection of shoes that includes: Melissa, Bloch, and Fly London.  They have both guys and girls clothing from hard to find imported brands like: Nudie, Fornarina, Junk Deluxe, and True Religion.  Plus they carry famous Israeli designs from: Medusa, Michal Miller.

Go here if:  You like funky shoes  and quality International fashion labels!  Perfect place for couples to shop because both guys and girls clothes and shoes are there. If you are a picky shopper and just can’t find what you are looking for in most Israeli stores, Story is sure to have what you want, especially for guys!

Here’s a glance at what’s hot now in the store:

Tel: +972.3.5448911

Umbrella, 252 Dizengoff St

Umbrella is the first collective designer shop that opened in Israel. It combines 10 talented and accomplished Israeli designers under ‘one Umbrella’. Founded in 2011, by the designer Ellen Ruben, Umbrella offers a wide range of clothing and accessories customized to provide customers with the most contemporary and updated fashion. Each designer operates a mini shop, so the shopper can really experience each brand separately within the larger Umbrella store.

If you are looking for Israeli design, this is the perfect stop.  They curate from top Israeli brands including: Ellen Rubin leather bag and shoes, Myka, Yolla, Nata, Meital Katz, Anna Meyer, Michal Emma, Ronica Design, Hadas Shahamand import the amazing shoes from Frank Toro.

Go here if:  You are craving quality hand made shoes with practical heel height and investment pieces bags, stunning contemporary jewelry. Its a great place to take your mom to, since both you and her will be able to find something to love here. If you are younger the versatile sweaters or trendy tops will appeal to you, the older generation is sure to find slacks, dresses, or jackets to suit their taste.

Here’s a glance at what’s hot now in the store:

Open: Sun-Thurs 10.00-20.00 (in the winter 09.30-19.30), Fri 09.30-15.00
Tel: +972.3.5463867
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