British Airways includes Tel Aviv as one of its 10 City Break destinations

The UK’s favorite airline, British Airways, has decided that Tel Aviv is a city that its passengers should be visiting. As a result, the UK airline has included Tel Aviv as one of its ten City Break destinations this coming winter, with a big, juicy marketing campaign in support. With added assistance from the the Tourism Ministry, over the coming weeks and months you can expect to see planeloads of Brits in their finest bowler hats and packed cucumber sandwiches. Blimey guv!

British Airways prices for Tel Aviv City Breaks are supposed to be reasonable, though I couldn’t find anything yet on their website specific to City Breaks. The campaign is scheduled throughout the month of October and is expected to run up to a million pounds, with a small contribution from the Israel Tourism Ministry and the Tel Aviv Hotel Association. British Airways are hoping to nab customers who will be booking their summer holidays for next year.

Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov had this to say:

The campaign will greatly increase the number of tourists from England. This is a vote of confidence in Israel as a tourist destination. The campaign is groundbreaking in efforts to present Israel as a City Break destination.

British Airways regularly selects ten destinations from the many it has and builds a big marketing buzz around them.

It’s great to see Tel Aviv selected for the first time, and what with the boom year that tourism to Israel is experiencing, it’s another nice piece of news for the tourism industry. 

And being a Brit, I know many, many of the visitors heading this way thanks to this campaign will love Tel Aviv and Israel! Welcome to the Holy Land, innit!

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