Art, music, and booze – an art exhibition in Tel Aviv you won’t want to miss!

If you love your art (and your music, and heck, your booze!), we recommend you head down to the very hip and happening Saloona bar in Tel Aviv (17 Tirza Street) on July 13th for an awesome one-off exhibition/concert by Amiram Eini.

Amiram has been creating some mini-masterpieces for years, in addition to making music and performing with his own band, Amiram Inc. throughout Europe. His band will be there at the exhibition, accompanied by the talented Reut Yehudai.

We’re not aware of many exhibitions like this, where your senses get to enjoy such an onslaught – it looks like a great night out! And ladies (and for the gents that care), the visuals don’t stop at the artwork, as Amiram has featured in many international modeling campaigns (you can catch him on Israeli TV these days promoting Coca Cola).

The action kicks off at 9pm. For more details, see the Facebook page here (most of it is in English).

And for a taste of what Amiram Inc can do for your earbuds, check this clip out (yes yes, some tango and the Dead Sea together!).



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