Coffee Express Israel – an awesome store for coffee lovers

I know there’s a good few of you out there that need your daily fix of caffeine…and heck, you might not believe this, but I’m on course to join you! My once famed passion for beer and beer only, has caved over recent months. Oh yeh, it’s now not uncommon to catch me mid-morning sipping a double espresso (without milk) to take my day into second gear…

Of course, the real coffee drinker in Israel has never had it so easy. In cities like Tel Aviv there is an amazing array of great coffee shops to choose from, with that variety ever-expanding and becoming ever more sophisticated. Some might say Tel Aviv is on course to be the coffee drinking capital of the world but I’ll leave that up to the real coffee professionals to decide…

For those of you who prefer to brew your own (and once you’ve been here for a while, a coffee machine is a must), the coffee experience is a little more troublesome, what with a real lack of decent ground coffee and beans locally available.

A few days ago I came across a great little coffee boutique store in Tel Aviv, called Coffee Express Israel. Even if I’m not hard-core, I couldn’t deny the aromas coming out of that place, they were something else!

I guess you could say Coffee Express Israel is a “coffee supermarket”, or “coffee boutique”, whichever grabs your fancy. I just know that Coffee Express Israel sells good coffee, and if you love coffee – and love brewing your own – this place is for you.

I was there with a friend who is more of a coffee connoisseur, and he was impressed with the service and knowledge of the owners (of course, I’m still a newbie when it comes to all that coffee jargon). He ended up getting himself a fancy coffee-machine!

Coffee Express Israel sells pretty much everything a coffee lover would need: of course, they have a large variety of gourmet coffee beans; Bossa Caffe Boutique, a freshly roasted coffee (which you can have grounded on the spot), seemed to stand out from the rest. They also have pods and capsules, as well as green and organic coffee. And if you need one of those cool coffee machines, they’ve got them all – makinettas; modern espresso machines; complementary accessories and more. All those familiar brand names are there: Segafredo, Lavazza, Gaggia, Bossa Café Boutique, Mauro, etc.

Boaz, the owner of Coffee Express Israel, also told us they have quality beans of “Single-Origin”, which come straight from the country of origin, including South-America (Guatemala, Costa-Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Honduras) and Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia), and other countries across the world.

After overdosing on coffee, I did mention to Boaz that coffee was very well catered for in Israel, but tea not so much (us Brits and their tea, eh?). He told me that they are also planning to expand that side of the business. In fact, they have just imported some “classic ceremonial teas” from Europe called THEODOR from a teahouse in Paris, which will complement their existing range of teas and tea accessories.

And yes, they deliver all across Israel. Just give them a call. They also have a website in English and in Hebrew through which you can order, and a Facebook page where you can keep updated of any new coffees coming in. But you really should give them a visit.

Coffee Express Israel is situated on Sderot Yehudit 3 (near the Azrieli Shopping Mall), Tel Aviv. Or give them a bell on: 03-5233777.

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