Alma de Cuba: spicing up Tel Aviv with some Cuban Soul!

Alma de CubaTel Aviv just got a bit spicier! Living up to its name, Alma de Cuba (The Soul of Cuba), is one hot new dish filled with lots of Cuban Soul. For anyone looking for a Latino Fun Filled Night in one of the trendiest areas of the city, this is definitely a spot to check out.

The menu is decked with delicious, authentic Cuban food at the average Tel Aviv restaurant prices. If youʼre not afraid to venture out of the Kosher world and try a little seafood, the Calamari mixed with Cuban Beans is simply mouthwatering. Add that to their specialty bread with Cuban sauces, a mojito or two, and your night is just about to begin.

The live band adds a special authenticity to the already buzzing atmosphere inside the bar, singing in Spanish and bringing the dancers to their feet. I personally loved the touch of the maracas in the band (you can never have enough maracas, kinda like the Spanish Cowbell).

If you really want to feel the heat, stay later into the night when the music is turned up and the entire place is one big Cuban Dance Floor… and if youʼre lucky the bartenders just might come out to dance with you (or show their dancing skills on the bar).

Whether you are looking for a tasty Cuban meal or a hot, spicy night of dancing, Alma de Cuba has both. The atmosphere is cozy and the staff are awesome! Itʼs like a little slice of home for all the Latinoʼs living in Israel, and for all others who want to experience that slice without having to travel across the world. Youʼll have a great night out!

Location: Ha’Arba’ah Street 16, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5234894

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Written by Maureen, a Tel Aviver, Writer, Traveler, NGO Ambassador.
Her blog:



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