Top 5 Kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv might be renowned for its decadent living and party weekends, but for those looking for a top kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv, our little list of the best kosher restaurants will hopefully point you in the right direction. Yes, yes, there ARE some very decent kosher eateries in The City That Never Sleeps!

** For those who don’t know, kosher restaurants in Israel do not open on Friday evenings / Saturdays.

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In no particular order…

Liliyot, 4 Weizman Street

Liliyot Tel Aviv

A great, long-standing kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv, with a Mediterranean menu influenced heavily by the Arab kitchen. Liliyot (also known as Lilith) has an interesting, varied menu without violating its kosher responsibility. Liliyot also has a social agenda, helping kids at risk with jobs in the kitchen.

Telephone: 03-6091331

Meatos, 33 Shaul HaMelech

Meatos Tel Aviv

As you might have guessed from the name, this Tel Aviv restaurant has some excellent (yet pricey) meat dishes. Located in a more upmarket part of town (next to the Tel Aviv Art Museum), this restaurant has kosher carnivores often salivating, especially about steaks that are hard to beat in other kosher eateries…

Telephone: 03-6932002

Uno, 2 Weizman Street

Uno Tel Aviv

If you love your Italian, then Uno is a great kosher option in Tel Aviv. There is a wide range of pizzas, and pastas, and salads etc. The Ravioli starters are renowned, plus don’t miss the desserts. The service is also known to be friendly and very efficient, and the restaurant (located on the second floor) has a nice atmosphere. The menu is not too expensive.

Telephone: 03-6932005

Goshen, 37 Nachalat Binyamin

Goshen Tel Aviv

One of Tel Aviv’s best and most established kosher meat restaurants, with an intimate and unassuming atmosphere. Renowned for its quality meat dishes and some great starters (plus a couple of fish dishes for the vegetarian diner), there are also some yummy fruit desserts to savor.

Telephone: 03-5600766

Deca, 10 HaTassiyah Street

Deca Tel AvivA more pricey fish restaurant, located in downtown Tel Aviv. Many have mentioned the price, but most seem to have felt it was very much worth it! Deca’s goal is to serve exquisite and tasty food, which works for both kosher and non-kosher eating customers. The service is also good and the restaurant is nicely designed.

Telephone: 0579442900


Others kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv that almost made the list include Culture by Lemon Grass at 22 Ibn Gvirol Street (for excellent Asian cuisine in the form of noodles and sushi), Badollina at Tel Aviv Port (great dairy and fish meals), Bocadillo at 59 Nachalat Binyamin (for tasty Spanish tappas), and Shibuya at 28 Bograshov Street (for some great sushi).

If you know of any other restaurants we should mention, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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