Top 10 Israeli songs of 2012

Top 10 Israeli songsYou know we have good taste, right? And we know you have good taste, since you’re reading this…so how about we give you a slice of the very best of Israeli music from 2012?!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Israeli tunes from the year, the songs we loved and that accompanied us through the year. Some of them might have been officially released in 2011, but hey, we heard them this year, so they make it into our 2012 Top 10!

In no particular order…enjoy!

Riff Cohen – A Paris

The lovely Riff Cohen has been a huge hit this year, especially with this quirky little song. She also opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers back in September.

Men of North Country – Debut

For us, these guys are one of the finds of 2012 (read more here).

Izabo – Time

We discovered these guys a few years back and have loved them ever since. This song was Israel’s entry for the annual Eurovision Song Contest.

Walkways – Skyfall (cover of Adele’s Bond theme song)

Another find in 2012, these guys know how to rock (read more here).

Asaf Avidan – Different Pulses

Asaf might be solo these days, but the talent (and that voice) still shines through…

Amiram Eini – Undefined

The multi-talented Amiram was the guest star at our Christmas Party, and this is his excellent first track from his new solo album.

I Got The Hotties – BeFaculta LeMeda Meduyak (Faculty of Exact Science)

Great little Tel Aviv band who released their second album this year and from which this was one of the highlights – and which was also a big radio hit.

Beni Bashan with Boom Pam – Achla Hamuda (Nice cutie)

We hate some of the Middle-Eastern sounding crap that comes out of Israel, but this one is done with a little more style and je ne sais quoi…and a certain tongue-in-cheekiness that we love!

Bney Hama – HaElohim Sheli Aiyeff (My God is Tired)

Quite possibly the finest examples of Israeli Electro Pop, this is from Bney Hama’s debut album from the end of 2011.

Ivri Lider and Mookie – Mazal Tov Israel (Congratulations Israel)

Israel’s gay icon Ivri Lider and rap master Mookie team up for a funky, political look at current-day Israel.



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