Top 10 Hummus restaurants in Israel

Hummus abu dubi

You might not be bowled over at first by the Israeli obsession with hummus (and before you think “ffftttppphhh, what the heck does anyone see in that hummus stuff?!“, check out our beginners guide to hummus), but we’re pretty sure after a couple of dishes at any of the restaurants below, you’ll soon be licking your chops and joining the queues at the door…

So here they are, the best, the very best, the top 10 hummus restaurants in Israel. Bon appetit!

Abu Hassan (otherwise known as Ali Caravan)

Abu Hassan Yafo1 Dolphin Street, Yafo

The favorite of many Tel Aviv locals, Abu Hassan is renowned throughout Israel and people are known to come from far and wide for a plate of the holy stuff. Don’t ask for a boiled egg with your hummus as the staff will get pissed with this “invented by the Jews” side-dish (go with the raw onion instead). Open from morning til the hummus runs out…Telephone: 03-6820387


Saeed Akko hummusOld City market, Acco

Another legendary hummus joint, Sa’eed is a great place to stop by when on a day trip to Acco’s Old City and market. Erratic opening hours as Sa’eed stays open only as long as there’s some hummus left, so try and get there early lunchtime! The service is typically great and quick. Telephone: 04-9913945

Abu Adham

Kfar Yassif hummusKfar Yassif (11km north east of Acco), located next to the village Post Office

The original of what is now a national chain (none of which compare favorably with this place), here is the place to go for some true Galilee hummus. You can even get away with asking for a boiled egg here. Open all day til 5pm. Telephone: 04-9996245

Hummus Ashkara

Hummus AshkaraYermiyahu 45, Tel Aviv

One of Tel Aviv’s original hummus joints, this place has been serving up the mighty hummus for years, almost round the clock (yes, even in the wee hours of the night). You can get the regular plates of hummus here, plus a boiled egg (no questions asked), and they’ve also recently introduced – chips! Also Kosher for those interested. Telephone: 052-2532296

The Jingee

Hummus Kibbutz EinatKibbutz Einat (next to Rosh Ha’ayin)

We’re not even sure this is the name of the place (The Jingee translates to The Redhead), as it’s probably the most undercover of all the restaurants on this list. But the hummus is up there with the best of them. And the fact that the owner has the attitude that if the hummus runs out early he’s not going to make any more, makes the place even more endearing! No thrills, no extras, but great hummus and felafel. The place closes at 1pm, but the hummus often runs out before then, so get your skates on!

Hummus Bahadonas

Hummus Bahadonas138 Bialik Street, Ramat Gan

Another long termer, this place at one of the busiest junctions near Tel Aviv has been serving up hummus with lots of garlic, lemon and parsley for some 20 years! A hard boiled egg is no problem, and they even serve up a salad for those who don’t enjoy their hummus “straight”. Kosher (but without certification). Telephone: 03-7528074


Pinati Jerusalem13 King George Street, Jerusalem

One of the Holy City’s secret tourist attractions, this Kosher hummus joint has been up and running for close to 40 years. Apart from the usual hummus, you can also enjoy some Kubeh soup (special dumpling-like morsels), giving it the feel of a “worker’s restaurant” rather than specializing in hummus only. Definitely worth a stopover when visiting the sites of Jerusalem and you’re not in the need for something fancy. Telephone: 02-6254540


Hummus Ramle6 Kehilat Detroit, Ramle

One of the most famous hummus restaurants in Israel, this place has some mighty fine hummus, and unlike many of the Arab hummus joints listed here, has no problem serving up a hard boiled egg alongside your hummus. Definitely not in line for interior design awards, the warm and friendly service more than makes up for it. Telephone: 08-9222284

Hummus Lina

Old City, Jerusalem (next to the Via Dolorasa)

This small family run hummus restaurant is an awesome place to sit back and take a break in, while soaking up some of the amazing Old City atmosphere in the Christian Quarter. Regular no thrills hummus for you here, but with great, efficient service during those peak hours. Telephone: 02-6277320

Hummus Abu Dubi

hummus abu dubi

81 King George Street, Tel Aviv

Around since 2005, this great little hummus joint is one to give the legendary Abu Hassan (see the top of the list) a run for its money. We enjoyed the hummus a lot, and with great, friendly, English-speaking staff who will point you in the direction of the right hummus dish for your palate. See our full review here.

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