Swim across the Sea of Galilee: an annual open-water swimming competition for the fearless!

Cross Kinneret SwimUPDATED FOR 2013!

Also known as the Cross Kinneret Swim (Kinneret is the Hebrew name for the Sea of Galilee), this amateur swimming competition has been a long-running tradition for Israeli swimmers and has been happening every year for well over 50 years!

This annual swim fest consists of two heats, one being 1.5km long, the other being 3.5km long. There are prizes for the winners, but there are also many strictly amateurs taking part, just for the heck of it.

There are typically thousands of swimmers who turn up for this event, making the Cross Kinneret Swim one of the biggest open-water swim events in the world. The 2013 event, taking place on Saturday the 5th October, is organized by the Israel Swimming Association, and there will be plenty of support boats accompanying the swimmers.

We’re not sure of the exact start time, but are pretty sure the swim won’t be in the afternoon, when the winds can whip up some pretty strong waves. For more details call 972-(0)4-6757630. Note there are free bus rides from Tzemach junction to the start point.



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