Sovev Tel Aviv: the biggest cycling event in Israel is happening in Sukkot!

Sovev Tel AvivThe bicyclists of you out there will be delighted to know of yet another great biking event – in fact, the biggest cycling event in Israel – Sovev Tel Aviv!

Sovev Tel Aviv happens on October 5th, during the Sukkot holiday and will bring Tel Aviv quite literally to a standstill¬† – many streets will be closed from 05:30 – 13:00, so expect heavy traffic in The City That Never Sleeps (right, like there’s never ever heavy traffic…)!

Those taking part will have much of the streets of Tel Aviv to themselves, with the boulevards of Tel Aviv, the Ayalon freeway, and the beach front all for your cycling pleasure.

There are in fact THREE routes to choose from:

  • 7.5km route for beginners/families (kids must be at least 8 years old)
  • 22km route for those of you in good shape
  • 42km route otherwise known as the Tour de Tel Aviv, which is for more experienced riders

As part of the event, there is also a big biking / active living festival happening in Kikar HaMedina over the preceeding three days (October 3-5). Definitely one for the serious biking fans!

Check out the official website for more details and to register (unfortunately no English). Prices are 60 shekels per person, or 150 shekels for a family of four.

If you have any questions, feel free to check out the official Facebook page.

And for the more active of you out there, don’t forget the Tel Aviv Night Run at the end of October!



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