Pamela Anderson does Israel

Nice to see wee Pamela Anderson, she of the bouncing red bikini and educational videos, pop over to Israel for a visit. She’s here for a few days apparently, as part of her PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaigning, which is kind of taking on a world tour of sorts.

Pammie is here for two reasons: first she wants to sweet talk the religious leaders here into letting an anti-fur bill pass into law. The ultra-Orthodox leaders are worried that the ban will have an impact on the fur hats (known as the shtreimel ) that form part of the traditional festive getup for many Hasidic men. Pammie has already started on the charm offensive, by calling Israel “progressive” because of the ban here on fur farms.

The other reason she’s here is to take part in Israel’s Dancing with the Stars program, where she’ll perform two “sensual” dances with her regular dance partner. I have a feeling a few guys watching the show on TV will be strangely focused this week.

The big question is – did she pack her little red bikini?

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