The new screen goddess of Israeli TV?

After the departure of much-loved news anchorwoman Miki Haimovitch from Israel’s Channel 10 news, it looked like her replacement, Tamar Ish Shalom, had an almost impossible mission to work her way into the hearts, as well as the living rooms, of Mr and Mrs Israeli.

Tamar’s first official anchor spot was earlier this week, and according to reports she did “OK”, with some loving her, while some mentioned a lack of charisma. Exactly how much charisma you’re supposed to have reading from a teleprompter, I’m not sure.

By accident I caught a few minutes of her debut show, and I was impressed. As well as being cool, calm and collected, she was gorgeous. Which is all that really matters sometimes, when faced with some of the news stories coming out of this little country…

So yes, a big Like from igoogledisrael!

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