Now this is a great way to get a taste of the Jordan Valley!

If you’re looking for an authentic Israeli side-trip into the Jordan Valley, try the electric buggy tours from Merkavot HaYarden for a magical peek into life in this amazing area of the Holy Land!

Expect to get a real taste of life on a kibbutz, including a ride through banana and date plantations, plus a stopover at the Jordan River (the site where Jesus was said to have been baptized – others believe that site is actually down the road at Qasr al-Yahud), and another cute river, the Yavniel River.

The tours are run by Uri, a kibbutznik born and bred in the area. He’ll give you an amazing insight into life on a kibbutz, accompanied by Israeli songs from a bygone era ringing out through the speakers on each buggy. And yes, you can expect to jump into the Jordan River too, weather permitting. Quite the authentic Israeli experience you’ve been looking for!

The tours are budget-friendly, last around two hours, and suitable for all the family – if you’re lucky, your kids might even be able to get their hands on the steering wheels of those electric buggies! I went with my three kids, and they had a great time, especially when they managed to pull off their best Lewis Hamilton impressions at a roaring 20km/h!

Even after 20+ years in Israel, it’s always great to get insights into the real Israel, so if you’re done with all the main attractions in Israel, this could be an excellent option! Even better, when in the Sea of Galilee area, combine a tour of the Jordan Valley by electric buggy with a kayaking session on the Jordan River – ask Uri for more details.

For more information on the tours, contact Uri directly on 052-3701662. Mention iGoogledIsrael and he might even throw you in a discount!

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