Need a challenge? How about cycling the annual 65km Sea of Galilee Bike Ride this November?!

Sea of GalileeThe Sea of Galilee is one of the most beautiful spots in the Holy Land (don’t miss our full guide to the Sea of Galilee), and in my opinion, home to one of the most scenic drives you’ll ever come across.

So what could be better than cycling round the Sea of Galilee, burning up the roads that take you past date palm groves, banana plantations, and amazing views of the Sea of Galilee itself? Of course, you don’t have to race round, you can go at your own pace and savor the ride and sites…

And here’s your chance – the 35th annual Sea of Galilee Bike Ride takes place on the 3rd November, and there are FIVE routes to choose from! Best news of all is that the roads are closed off to all other traffic, so you can ride with confidence!

  • Route 1: This one is for the big boys – 65km round the entire Sea of Galilee, starting and ending at Tzemach junction. This one kicks off at 07:00.
  • Route 2: A less strenuous ride, this one takes in half the Sea of Galilee, running for 31km. This one starts at Almagor junction and ends at Tzemach. The ride starts at 07:30-08:30.
  • Route 3: An easier ride for all the family, this 10km ride starts at Ashdot Yaakov and ends at Tzemach The ride starts at 08:30-09:30.
  • Route 4: A mountain bike ride along the Jordan River, this 16km ride sets off from Ashdot Yaakov and is suitable for all the family. The ride starts at 07:30-08:30.
  • Route 5: A more challenging mountain bike ride also along the Jordan River, this 29km ride also sets off from Ashdot Yaakov. The ride starts at 07:30-08:30.

There will also be fun stuff for family members to enjoy on the grassy grounds of Beit Bendel at Tzemach junction.

To take part, you need to pay an entrance fee of 85 shekels, with reduced prices for family groups: call 04-6757630/1 for details. Hot tip: GET THERE EARLY, the roads will be closed early and likely be packed as thousands are expected to take part in the various rides.

See also here for more details (only in Hebrew unfortunately).

Hhmmmm…the Sovev Tel Aviv bike tour (including the 42km Tour de Tel Aviv) OR the ride round the Sea of Galilee…decisions, decisions!



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