Muza: an awesome restaurant in Arad for lovers of football, amazing burgers, and beers!

Muza Arad

Arad might not be on the foodie list for must-try eateries, but you’ll be seriously doing yourself a disservice if you don’t stop by at Muza, an awesome beers, burgers, and sports bar in this dusty, desert town!

The restaurant itself has been around for some time, but only recently moved to its new, bigger location (at the entrance to Arad at the Alon gas station complex). Renowned locally for its excellent food, wide variety of drinks, and some awesome concerts from local artists (both fringe names and top Israeli stars), Muza is one heck of a decent stopover if you’re feeling peckish/thirsty!

We stopped by (twice!) when we visited Arad as part of our 30 day family adventure across Israel, and on the recommendation of our host in Arad, Gilad, owner of the amazing Dead Sea Adventure Hostel (seriously, these guys rock, especially if you’re looking for some fun desert activities!).

And yep, are we mightily glad we took him up on that recommendation!

From the moment we stepped in to the place, I was in love. Speaking as an ardent footie fan (that’s soccer, for those of you from across the pond), there’s nothing quite like being greeted by a place bedecked in a multi-color swamp of footie scarves. Of course, the kids and I soon found our beloved Arsenal, but whatever your team, you’re probably going to find it here. And if you have a scarf to bring from a team a little more obscure, bring it along to Muza – owner Alon will be chuffed to bits and might even throw in a free beer or 2! By the way, if you spot an Eastbourne Borough scarf adorning the walls, that’ll be mine!

muza aradMoving on to the food and drinks…what can we say, except for bloody tasty!

The burgers are some of the finest we’ve ever tasted, accompanied by superb chips, or potato wedges. And even before you start on your burger, watch out for the generous and very tasty starters, including grilled eggplant, a filling mushroom salad, and excellent home-made hummus.

There are some other great items on the menu (pastas, soups, and stir fries to name but a few), but seriously, you won’t find many better burgers in the south of Israel. There were also some great nice touches too, like ensuring that each beer had its specific coaster AND glass!

Eating at Muza was perfect after a day in the desert, hiking up and down mountains and diving into hidden desert pools. It’s also probably the best eating option in the whole of the Dead Sea area, so if you’re floating at the lowest point on earth, or even visiting the mountain top fortress of Masada, this has to be on your list of places to eat!

Telephone: 08-9975555

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