La Scala in the Park, Tel Aviv

Some real culture hits Tel Aviv tomorrow night as the Israeli Opera host the renowned La Scala Opera of Milan in Ganei Yehoshua (HaYarkon Park, opposite the Luna Park). They’ll be performing an open air version of Verdi’s Requiem, and best of all, it’s FREE!

Apparently the Israel Opera and La Scala have had a good relationship for a number of years and even worked on projects together. This performance in Ganei Yehoshua has actually been in the planning for some four years ever since the opera houses decided they wanted to be part of Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

La Scala are bringing over some 400 performers with them and opera lovers in both Milan and Israel are buzzing with excitement in anticipation of one of Israel’s biggest ever opera events. La Scala are actually here for a week (14-22 July) of opera at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, where they’ll be performing Aida. The free concert in Ganei Yehoshua is a one-off performance of Requiem.

So bring yourself a blanket to park yourself down on, perhaps a little wine, maybe even some watermelon and chill out as you listen to some of the world’s best opera performers. The show starts at 9pm, but you might want to get there earlier for a decent spot.

For more information about what the Israeli Opera has to offer, check out their website.



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