Israel COVID-19 updates (when will travel to Israel resume?!)

UPDATE: With restrictions now easing, you can find the latest information about how to get to Israel in these tricky times in our post – what you need to know about visiting Israel in 2022!

when will travel to israel resume

This post is for those of you suffering from Holy Land withdrawal symptoms… as well as those of you desperate to know when will travel to Israel resume???

Yep, if you’re still in #StayAtHome mode thanks to COVID-19, we’ve decided to dedicate a page to travel updates for Israel. Let’s hope you’ll be over here sooner rather than later!

After what was a record-breaking year for tourism in 2019, it all looked oh so promising. But, as we all know, COVID-19 came along and shut down the whole world. Our own plans for expanding iGoogledIsrael also came to a screeching halt, but let’s hope they can come to fruition at some point, much like the travel plans for many millions who want to head to Israel!

Obviously, the big question for many of you is when will travel to Israel resume?

To help you out and give you a bit of an idea of what to expect, we’ve included the latest updates below, together with some links for some travel inspiration when they do finally – officially – open up the skies and borders!

What flights are available to Israel?

flying to israelThe Israeli government temporarily suspended all commercial flights in April 2020 as part of their response to COVID-19. There are constant rumors about the opening up of some routes again, but as of right now (October 2021), there are very limited options. However, what was originally limited to Israelis only is now slowly being opened to family members who are vaccinated or recovering from COVID-19. And with tentative plans to open up in November, yes, even for individual tourists – things are definitely moving in the right direction. 

Some of the key players in flights to Israel – including American Airlines (direct flights from Miami!), United Airlines, Delta, Lufthansa, RyanAir – have been lining up flights for the summer, and then cancelling them, while others like Virgin, Wizz Air and EasyJet have limited flights to/from the UK (but have also gone on to cancel many, if not all, flights in the summer). However, please note the following section>>>

Will I have to test/quarantine upon arrival in Israel?

As of October 2021, noncitizens can now visit – but must show documentation of inoculation or COVID recovery and proof of relation to those they are coming to see, plus travelers must get tested within 72 hours of coming to Israel. It’s opened just a little bit, and is perhaps the cause for some optimism, but it still takes some doing (though there are plans to open up to individual tourists in November – let’s see what happens). For the latest up-to-date info, see the Israel Ministry of Health guidelines.

What is the situation in Israel with COVID-19?

With the much-vaunted Pfizer vaccine distributed in Israel since mid-December, hopefully, fingers/legs/arms crossed, we are starting to see the end of this crappy period…although the looming verocity of the Delta variant of the virus is a little worrying (see below for more details).

Here’s a little chart that shows how Israel is doing in comparison to the UK, the US, and the rest of the world…right now (October 2021), it looks like Israel is still doing a fine job related to the death rates of COVID-19, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that if there are any incoming waves they will be controllable/vanquished by the much-heralded vaccines.

Are things opening up in Israel?

Yes, they are. Kind of. As we speak (October 2021), the vaccines are definitely doing some good, but after recent moves to lift the ban on masks needing to be worn outside or inside confined places, the Delta strain of the virus has done some considerable damage…and that the vaccines alone aren’t the solution (third doses of vaccine have already been granted for most Israelis)…


Things are still fairly “normal”, in so much that the gorgeous beaches of Israel are back on the radar… but the threat of the Delta variant seems to be looming larger.

The pandemic-hit restaurants and cafes are pretty much reopened, and events such as the Tamar Festival and the annual Israel Festival have helped the country return to a sense of normalcy. Let’s see how long that can last…

Can I start dreaming of visiting Israel?

jerusalem attractionsOf course, we’d love to say yessss, come on over! But right now, that’s just impossible. Instead, you’ll have to make do with our collection of virtual tours of Israel until the skies and borders open once again…

Hopefully it won’t be long before you’re enjoying the best of Tel Aviv, the sights and sounds of an amazing Jerusalem, sunning yourself in Eilat, or floating in the Dead Sea

We’ll keep you updated as best we can on this very page. Until then, stay safe!

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