How to get to Eilat from the Ramon Eilat airport?

ramon airport to eilatWith the spanking new Ramon Eilat airport just about open, and with many a low-cost flight (and other scheduled airlines set to join the party) scheduled to fly in, the question for many of you will be just how the heck do I get to Eilat from here?

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With Eilat just 18 km south of the airport, the Ramon airport is remarkably close to the fun and sun at the Red Sea, and yes, if you’re looking to expand on your Middle Eastern adventure, it’s a quick hop over the border from both Jordan (if Petra is on your bucket list, try one of these amazing Petra tours) and Egypt (the pyramids of Giza anyone?).

While plans for the new Ramon airport sound impressive, and with the airport set to become a tourism hub for the south of Israel and all the area has to offer (it has a LOT to offer – check out some of these amazing Negev attractions), I can still hear you thinking: OK, but how will I get to Eilat?

Well, it’s a lot easier than you thought…FREE shuttle buses are expected to leave the airport every 15 minutes (there is another shuttle service at the airport, but since they charge you for the ride, I’m not sure it’s worth it).

If you would prefer not to wait for a shuttle bus, there will, of course, be a taxi rank at the airport. However, the major hotels in Eilat are likely to offer complimentary pick-up services, delivering visitors directly to their hotels. So definitely check that with your hotel/accommodation option in Eilat.

However you decide to get to Eilat from the Ramon airport, the journey shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes given that the road into Eilat (Highway 90) has recently been widened into four lanes.

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