FREE Tel Aviv graffiti tours every Friday afternoon!

Tel Aviv graffitiAs part of Tel Aviv’s amazing Art Year celebrations in 2012, you can now take a FREE tour of Tel Aviv’s graffiti highlights!

Every Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm, lovers of street art and underground works of art can head down to the starting point at 23 Elifelet Street (next to the Norma Jean restaurant).

The tours delve into the more rundown southern outskirts of Tel Aviv, where the carpenters and garages of Tel Aviv largely ply their trade. Here you’ll find a number of amazing pieces of graffiti, created by largely unknown artists.

The graffiti tours will help you learn about the more talented street artists in Tel Aviv…and the eternal question will undoubtedly pop up: do these artists want to become rich and famous, or would they prefer to stay underground? And is graffiti even art…?

The free tours last until September 7th.

Thanks to Scott for the great pic!



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