Chill out at Shalvata

Shalvata (which means “tranquility” in Hebrew) in Tel Aviv port is a great place to chill out. Located in quite possibly the finest place in Tel Aviv, just a metre or 2 from the lapping shores of the Mediterranean, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and watch the sun as it dips below the horizon. It has a great deck patio, which offers the perfect view across the ocean. The food is good, not too cheap, but not overly expensive.

Don’t go there if you’re starving and need an immediate fix; service is also at a chilled out pace, even at the quieter times of the day. But this is typical for many of the restaurants in this part of town, so go expecting a relaxing time, and don’t rush the experience. Easy does it.

The pace does pick up in the evenings and almost every evening during the summer, especially with those sea breezes beckoning. Friday afternoons there’s also live music/DJ, though this could change in the future. You can keep up with their Monday night shindigs through their Facebook group.

Address: Tel Aviv Port
Telephone: 03-5441279

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