Burning Man comes to the Negev Desert, Israel!

Burning Man IsraelFor those of you wondering why there isn’t a Burning Man type event in Israel, what with all that desert to enjoy down south, wonder no more – Burning Man is coming to the Negev Desert in June!

The guys behind the Israeli version are the Midburn community, who have tried a couple of events like this in the past.

This event, which takes place June 3-7, looks like being more in tandem with the amazing version that takes place annually in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, US (some 70,000 joined the 2013 event!). For FIVE days, they will be setting up a temporary city in the Negev desert, in an effort to build a communal life style, complete with plenty of creativity, art and radical self-expression. The Ramat Negev Regional Council are also involved in this event, as are the tourism department, so yes, expect something a bit special.

Don’t expect big name acts to be performing though, as Burning Man Israel will be more of a city than a music festival, with most of the things happening down to the city’s inhabitants…

Expect colorful clothes and characters, plenty of wild parties thumping on til the wee hours and some crazy, interactive art!

And yes, once Burning Man Israel is over, the entire city area is expected to disappear without  trace…but this is Israel and if that happens we’ll be amazed!

For more information, see the official site. It does seem to be sold out, but don’t be surprised if more tickets become available…



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