Back to the Kibbutz – reunion party!

Aaah, the Kibbutz. One of Israel’s greatest attractions to guys and girls across the Western world over the last 30 years or so. The combined power of idealism, a collective spirit, the sun, and, of course, promises of many a good time, were just too much of a pull for many to resist (this boy included). The tales are plenty, the legends never forgotten…and yes, now it’s time to relive those memories!

For the thousands of volunteers who put in a stint at one of Israel’s many kibbutzes over the years, this summer could be the time to revisit old stamping grounds, as the Kibbutz movement celebrates its centennial anniversary with a variety of special events.

The main event for ex-volunteers will be a unique reunion trip (June 12-19) that promises to take them on an eight-day piss-up tour of some kibbutzim, with a few of Israel’s top attractions thrown in for good measure (just in case some volunteers were in a drunken haze while volunteering and can’t recall ever setting foot in Jerusalem).

The reunion tour promises to include visits to a few kibbutzim, rafting down the Jordan river, tractor rides, spectacular sound & light shows, boat trips on the Sea of Galilee, camping in the desert and much, much more. Volunteers will also get to hear about the many changes that have taken place in the Kibbutz movement over the years.

Perhaps most importantly, volunteers will once again meet up with past inmates and be part of that collective unit that was made up of many nationalities. Memories will flow, as I’m sure will the Goldstar (Israel’s most popular beer). Family members are also invited.

A big event for ex-volunteers is planned on 18th June 2011, which will take place in one of the Kibbutzim in Israel, but details are a little sketchy at the moment. This event doesn’t seem to be part of the eight-day tour, so if it happens, we’ll update here.

It’ll be interesting to see if any famous Kibbutz volunteers make it…

For more information and for registration go check out the Kibbutz movement site:

Alternatively, you might want to check out Kibbutz Volunteers on Facebook.



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