The 12 8 days of Xmas Hanukkah

“Make this week’s column about Christmas.” That was the stern edit hammered down upon me by iGoogledIsrael’s editor, Ashley. Actually, Ashley’s British, so t... Read More...


Toda Raba. One of few Hebrew phrases every Hebrew-as-a-second-language person can say – even Anglo ulpan dropouts like ani. (Actually, I like to throw around To... Read More...

Aliyah 2 dot 0

Last month I visited home for the first time since making Aliyah in March. And now I’m back. Yeah, so now what? Well, I know one thing: whatever happens next, i... Read More...


New York publicist Scott Piro visited Israel for the first time at the end of 2008. He liked it so much he made Aliyah two months later. Today he studies Hebrew in the morning, freelances as a PR guru in the afternoon, and serves up his experiences as an oleh chadash late nights at Gefilte Fish out of Water.



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