Whewww – Israel is hot, hot, hot!

We’ve mentioned this before, but summers in Israel are piping hot. And even though we’ve been in Israel for donkeys years, those little heatwaves that come visit for a few days never cease to amaze us. This last weekend has been particularly nasty, with record temperatures recorded in the Dead Sea, and record temperatures recorded by my car’s on-board thermometer…

Believe it or not, it hit 51.4 Celsius in the fields of Kibbutz Almog, next to the Dead Sea. In Tel Aviv it was high 30s, but because of the 95% humidity, it had a feel-good hot factor of 51C. Luverly.

While in the Lower Galilee, my car was recording temperatures of 39C at 6pm, while my mate left his car in the sun for an hour and was confronted with a temperature reading of 60C! By the way, the official record temperature in Israel is 54C, set back in 1942. I bet old Guinness was quaking in his boots this past weekend…

So yes, blisteringly hot over the last few days. If you can’t handle that kind of heat, it might be wise to steer clear of the Holy Land for July and August. Check out our guide to when is the best time to visit Israel for more information.

One huge tip: learn the word mazgan and learn it pronto. It means air-conditioning…



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