What should I pack?

It will depend on what time of year you’re coming to visit Israel, but whatever the season, you’ll find anything you need during your stay. Clothing, cosmetics (just be aware that things like deodorants are quite expensive), hygiene products – whatever you’ll need is widely available in Israel, so there’s no need to pack 50 pairs of socks, 3 bottles of shampoo and 500 sanitary towels.

During the summer (May-September) you’ll need minimal clothing – short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts, shorts, sandals/flip flops, beach shoes and a bathing suit will do the trick. You might want to pack a sweater if you plan on visiting the desert overnight, as it can get chilly. 

If you are visiting Israel in the winter (November – February), you will need warm clothing, a light coat (preferably waterproof), and good shoes. Just remember to bring a t-shirt or two because there are some beautiful days, even in winter (I’m always comparing Israeli winters with British summers, but nobody believes me!). And if you are heading down south to the Dead Sea or even Eilat, bring your bikini as it will probably be warm enough for a dip!  

Whatever the time of year, you should always bring some sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses. Yes, there’s sun all year round!

If you intend to rough it and hike, you will need good shoes and access to plenty of water – it will be thirsty work! You might also need a sleeping bag, tent, and camping equipment if you are planning on sleeping under the stars, though this type of equipment can be rented/purchased fairly easily.

Get packing already!



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