Western Galilee magic: the ecologically-friendly Clil Guest House!

When chatting with Clil Guest House owner Oded about stopping by for a couple of nights in mid-summer, I was less than convinced by his comments that there was no air-conditioner, but that we wouldn’t need it…this is Israel we’re talking about after all, home to some horrendously loooong summer nights!

But by golly, he was right! With the rooms of his guest house on the second floor, there’s enough of a breeze to bring down the heat levels – and then there’s always the supplied fans to add some extra chill.

The village of Clil itself is a small, ecologically friendly village in the Western Galilee, which looks a lot bigger than it actually is because it’s spread out across a valley. The village is off the main electricity grid, so all electricity is solar powered – the electricity at Clil Guest House is supplied by the solar panels on the roof, and why there’s no power-sapping AC. Overlooking the Med, it’s a great little village, with a nice relaxed vibe to it. Especially come sunset time – see the pic below!Klil guest house viewThe rooms themselves – there are 3 in total (one family-sized, two for couples) – are cute and cozy, while the balcony is communal and shared by all guests. Not a bad thing, as you get to meet and chat with your fellow guests, and even drink a beer maybe…the kitchen is on the smallish side, and you’ll have to wait for your turn as there’s not enough room, or gas burners, to cater for more than one cook at a time. But hey, chillout on the balcony for a bit, until your turn comes…The bathrooms are clean and there’s plenty of hot water – just head down to the one in the garden, much nicer!

Klil Guest House

The village also has a nice little cafe, where live bands turn up almost every weekend, and where you can get some decent Indian food. You can also order food from Oded at the Clil Guest House, just ask him for options. He’s also good to sound out for little trips to do in the area – he pointed us in the direction of a small but beautiful stream called Ein Hardalit, some 20 minutes away. The kids loved it!

All in all, this is a great, hidden place well worth visiting! For more details, see the official site. Alternatively, check for availability and latest prices here.

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