Uptown Downtown Festival in Tel Aviv: celebrating Tel Aviv’s finest bands!

Uptown Downtown FestivalThe Uptown Downtown Festival in Tel Aviv is an amazingly unique festival celebrating the many shades of Tel Aviv music!

Whatever your musical tastes, you’re sure to find something uniquely Tel Aviv and probably very cool at this festival, which runs from November 20 – December 3. And with over 50 concerts lined up at some of Tel Aviv’s leading musical venues (including the Barby Club, Ozen Bar, Zappa, and Hangar 11), this festival is definitely a music fan’s delight!

The Uptown Downtown Festival will feature a variety of Tel Aviv and international artists, both old and new, including these highlights:

  • Maya Isacowitz (Zappa, 28 November)
  • Nurit Galron (Unplugged at Zappa, 24 November)
  • Yehudit Ravitz (Zappa, 1 and 2 December)
  • Dudu Tasa (Zappa, 26 November and 3 December)
  • Geva Alon (Barby Club, 1 December)
  • Harlem Gospel Choir (Zappa, 29 November)
  • Lazar Lloyd (Shablul Club, 22 November)
  • M.O.P (Barby Club, 22 November)
  • Heeby Gee Bees Blues Band (Shablul Club, 28 November)
  • Rockfour, together with Ninet and others in a Velvet Underground tribute (Barby Club, 21 November)
  • Eran Tzur (Barby Club, 24 November)
  • HaYehudim (Acoustic show at Zappa, 20 and 21 November)
  • Juke Box (Shablul Club, 23 November)

If you’ve got a Maximum Tel Aviv credit card, you can grab yourself a 25% discount. Call *9080 for ticket details.

See the official site for more (only in Hebrew unfortunately).

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