Tourism to Israel in 2017 hits a record high!

bike tour tel avivYep, if you were thinking of making a trip to Israel to see some of its fantastic sites, just know you’re not alone – tourism to Israel hit a new record month for the first half of the year, with some 1.74 million tourists entering Israel!

Those numbers mean a 26% jump from the same period last year, and 24% up on 2015. Some of the major reasons for the increase has been a jump of 76% in Chinese tourists, a 30% increase in Russian tourists, and a 20% increase in US tourists.

In June 2017, some 303,000 tourists entered Israel, a 28.4% rise from the previous year.

And what does this mean for the regular Israeli on the street? Well, taking a look at the total revenue from tourism in 2017 so far – some 9.4 BILLION shekels – it’s clear that positive tourism numbers make an important contribution to the economy and workforce.

The only question remains – when the heck are YOU coming to Israel??!!



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