The Tiberias Hostel: an awesome base for exploring the Galilee & Golan!

The Tiberias Hostel is fairly new on the scene (or at least it’s under some great new management, who look like they’re going to do some great things with it) but it looks like it’s going to be a player in all things Galilean!

Tiberias HostelWe stayed at the Tiberias Hostel as part of our 32-day adventure across Israel, and although we were squeezed into one small double room (there were 5 of us), there’s no doubting that the Tiberias Hostel is one to watch out for.

They’ve grasped onto the concept that Tiberias is as dead as a Dodo (it is, and there doesn’t look like there’s any signs of a revival), so are making sure that their guests have adventures and trips beyond the borders of Tiberias. These trips include abandoned hot springs, night swims in the Jordan river, and kibbutz bar hopping, among other things. Sounds pretty good to us!

The hostel itself is clean and the rooms are very decent, with a great breakfast room/kitchen, with all the utensils you need. The most promising thing that owner Shira told us about was the soon-to-be funky common area AND the bar on the roof, which were both in their early stages during our visit. With sunset vistas across the Sea of Galilee, the rooftop bar could be one of the chillout places in the north!

Lots of potential here, and hopefully we’ll have a beer with owners Shira and Omer on the rooftop real soon!

Telephone: 04-6792611

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