The Templer Inn: an authentic Jerusalem B&B to truly savor!

If you’re heading to Jerusalem and looking for somewhere authentic to stay, somewhere that lets you get a real feel for the history that is ever prevalent throughout this majestic city, head to the Templer Inn in the German Colony neighborhood!templer inn jerusalemThe Templer Inn was launched in the Spring/Summer of 2017, and looks set to be a must-stay place for tourists coming to explore the many delights of Jerusalem.

Meticulously restored by husband and wife team Alon and Revaya, the Templer Inn is just perfect for those of you looking for something a little bit special. There are four suites to choose from, each one coming with its own unique charm and history, which owner Alon will gladly tell you more of (his grandmother lived in the building for over 60 years!). Yep, those chairs you sit in are very likely the same chairs that have been in the house for the last 50 years – but restored as new!

Templer Inn JerusalemWe were charmed by the suite we had – the Messerle Suite – which had two largish rooms and a superbly refurbished bathroom. It was only the wife and I on this trip, but you could easily squeeze in a family of 4, maybe even 5, in this Suite. Very cozy and homely, but refurbished to leave you feeling like a king for the weekend (or whenever you decide to stay!).

Location-wise, you really couldn’t do much better. It’s literally across the road from the First Station complex (and all its cafes, restaurants, shops and activities), while sitting on the edge of the gorgeous German Colony neighborhood (we explored the area on a Shabbat, so nothing was open – but it was still a beautiful ‘hood to spend some time in). You’re also just across the road from the free shuttle to the Old City, which is also a 20 minute walk away, while other great areas to explore are also close by: the charming neighborhood of Yemin Moshe (and the Montefiore windmill) is just 10 minutes walk away, while the Jerusalem Theater and Cinematheque are also just a few minutes away.

Another great aspect to the Templer Inn is the great breakfast served up by Alon and Revaya. Revaya actually makes many of the delights on offer, including some great fresh bread, and a rather yummy cheese made from paprika, garlic and zaatar. Be hungry, you won’t be disappointed!

Templer Inn JerusalemAll in all, the Templer Inn really should be on your shortlist for a stay in Jerusalem. It might not have a pool or spa facilities like some of the big boys, but it does have oodles of charm and history. Alon and Revaya have done a superb job bringing this ancient, history-packed building back into the 21st century, and you can’t help but admire their passion and love for what they do.

Prices start at around 800 shekels a night, which isn’t cheap, but you really are getting one heck of an authentic Jerusalem experience at the Templer Inn – Highly recommended!

Disclaimer: We were invited guests of the Templer Inn.

Address: The Templer Inn, 16 Derech Beit Lechem, Jerusalem
Phone: +972-2-5631956; +972-54-7442881

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